1min Pitch


1min pitch about how we feel throughout the process of making video that is required for the course ‘Teknologi Pendidikan’


week 14-Reflection


Edutechnovation Day 🙂

Today is the day….finally it’s come..the purposes of our video making is finally revealed..the end of our most torturing weeks are come to an end soon, we can have our happy and relax time back…in just a few minutes time…Yeayyyyy..heheheehe

     When i arrived earlier, i can sense different environment…all students wearing nice and proper attire (jeans and t-shirt; not today)…hampers and gift are arrange nicely on the table( cant wait to be pass to the new owner; hope that’s me)..hehehehe..all lecturer, tutors and guests are arrived early…everyone seem excited to view all the videos that we are going to present to them…Not forgotten…of course…us..the students who’ll present in a very short time..although we are excited to finish the video but we are also nervous because…the video is like our soul, it carry mark…it do affect our mark later…if we produced a good video and the message of making that video are properly delivered…we might get a chance to have a good grade in this course for sure.

     I’m going to talk about our group’s video…first of all, we’ve changed the title from ‘Love in Barakah’ to ‘Common; accept or deny’.This is because, according to the lecturers our previous title is not suitable with the video itself because the video is about the documentary program host by Asyima Zainudin regarding the way of relationship between male and female according to the islamic ways.We presented to the viewers how couples should do while in a relationship.We know exactly that fallen in love and be in love is a common for all of us but the way we behave or act  while in a relationship that differ us from other people with different religion.We suggest to the couples to not going out alone, they should bring friends with them to avoid any misunderstanding and other improper behaviors.They should avoid going to places like cinema where the male and female are mix together without any obstruction.

    My group’s video got place number 5. The first place going to ‘Heart Donation’ group, second goes to ‘Triple N and I’ and third to ‘Preserved Jawi’.Frankly speaking, all group present very good and amazing video.We all applied whatever we’ve been taught in the class,..the window live movie maker, adobe photoshop,the animation and many more. To that, we are grateful to brother Helmi and other tutors who are willing to help and teach us.

The whole crews of 'video production UKM 3'

The whole crews of ‘video production UKM 3’

We've got place no. 5..lots of hamper :)

We’ve got place no. 5..lots of hamper 🙂

Although my group got place number 5, but we are so grateful that finally…we’d finished our video with success and honor…hehehe…we are still ‘top 5’ right..? That’s a success to us 🙂 we will treasure every moments and knowledge that we’d gather throughout this course. I’m sure the knowledge that we’ve got while in the course, we will surely use it later in our teaching (attract students towards learning process) or maybe use it for our own use..perhaps.

feeling excited :p

feeling excited :p

A very big applause to the lecturer, Dr Rosseni and tutors, Brother Hilmi, Brother Fuad, Kak Ana, Kak Syazwani…and all crews of ‘video production UKM 3’ for all the helps, support and knowledge that we shared together.The memory that we’ve shared is very memorable and unforgettable…i’ll surely miss this moments and hope all of us will get HIS bless and love 🙂

week 13 Reflection


Wednesday, 11 Dec 2013

We are all stressed out this whole week…of course we do, right..the edutechnovation day are supposed to be this upcoming friday…we’ll be invite our lecturers to the event, all will be watching the video that we’d worked on throughout the semester…and the problem is….the video still not ready !!! There are some parts that still need ‘magic touch’ to be astonishing attractive.Because of that,..even we are on leave today( Selangor’s sultan birthday) but…we are wake up early this morning to reshoot our video..the part that we need some improvement…We divided the job into two parts…me and Asyima will be handle the video part whereas Azilah and Irham will work on the poster. So..as for the video part, today we will shoot the ending part of our video..we did receive some advice from our lecturers to create the ending part because without it…our video somehow like ‘hanging’ and they afraid that the message we are trying to convey is not delivered properly.Here, i would like to give a reason why we were not plan to do the ending part…we would like the viewers to think the consequences of being ‘too close’ or should i say ‘being in love without follows the rules of ikhtilat’ for themselves..but of course, we forgot something here…we produced the video is to create the awareness among people about the ways of relationship between males and females in Islam and the viewers is not only our classmates but other people as well..that’s why we need to properly delivers the message so that people don’t misunderstand it or interpret the video as they wish.We plan to end this video with the scene of a friend come and advice the female character which played by Asyima, the consequences of not follows the rule of ikhtilat when having a relationship with male.We finishe the work around 12 am,….so tiring.Then need to upload it in the group “video production UKM 3” to ask the opinion from lecturers.so, let’s wait the feedback from them.


Thursday, 12 Dec 2013

“last MINUTE transition”..need to change the ending part of our video…AGAIN…warghhhhh. According to the lecturers, the ending part seems to be irrelevant because for someone who are madly in love, they wont accept any advice from anyone with open heart and are expected to end the relationship on the spot.So…we are here..all gathers around Pusat Bahasa to rethink the end part…need to change and shoot it quickly…absolutely…ok, what do you expect we will do…the presentation is tomorrow, and here we are…still wandering on what scene to conclude the video.so…eureka, got an idea after watching ‘ “triple N and I” ‘s video’.Their message are directly given to the viewers..no need to act…just let someone to tell the viewers what the videa are all about.By then…we create another character for Asyima who are damn good in advice people..an ‘ustazah’ that will tells the viewers to follows the rules of ikhtilat while being in a relationship.As expected….she managed to delivered the message with use of emotion and intonation…,such a good actress i guess..hehehe :p .At the same time, we managed to edit the poster that exactly follows what the lecturers told us to do…the font size, the colour background..not forgotten our matric number.


poster’s draft

Friday, 13 Dec 2013

Good news!..the lecturers postpone the edutechnovation day…they make such a good decision because from what i’d seen..many groups are not ready to present their work yet.This is because, many of us have to edit and change the video’s scene last minute so the video still looks ‘under construction’.BUT….hehehe…although the edutechnovation days are postpone, we still have to present the video to the lecturers today.Maybe they want to see how we are doing…how the video looks like…and what improvement they want to see next week.According to the lecturers, our video is interesting, the message are well delivered BUT….we have to change our video’s title as ‘LOVE in BARAKAH’ is not suitable as we make the video as a documentary video…”there’s an ustazah that will explained the right ways in having relationship and comment each scene presented “.We also don’t have to print out the poster yet.So, our next job is edit the video so that it will follows exactly like what the lecturers want to see, rethink the video’s title…hopefully, we will receive a good feedback next week.It’s tiring in some ways but we collect as much experienced while doing the video’s project.AND i will absolutely remember all hardwork we’d done and the effort and commitment we gave.

week 12 Reflection



     Today, we learnt very special things from Dr Rosseni. She open up our eyes to pay more attention towards our Reflections’s blog either individual or group one.Actually, we are so sorry for what we’d done.It’s not that we don’t pay much attention towards this course but in fact, we really looking forward to this course as we always busy with the video production work until we, at one moment had finally abandon the reflection…unintentionally 😦

     She did told us that, she together with other coordinator was very disappointed as most of all were not completed the reflection up to last week…Although some of us managed to finish it but…the reflection done was not as please as she expected from us.She herself don’t know how to evaluate us as the reflection that we’d done were too short until she doesn’t know how and what area to evaluate and gave marks.

     After the long lecture from Dr Rosseni, we finally start our class with the full videos’s progression of all groups. Dr Rosseni together with Brother Hilmi, Brother Fuad and Sis Ana move on from group to group to view, give comments about the video and opinion on how and what we can do  to improve our video’s content and ways to make it more interesting.It’s somehow like a consultation on video production.

As for my group, we have to make some adjustments:

1) Re size the video image as some part of it is not compatible with the video size

2) The word’s color use in the video should be in contrast with the background color

3) Make shorter the part with expert’s interview

     We are please to hear that because we knows that the lecturer wants ‘ONLY’ the best for our video…and we will improve it later to meet the demand of the lecturers. We found that the opinions given are very useful one and it can help us do better next time.


     At the end of the class, we discuss on how to increase our Reflections’s blog marks….the alternatives, what can we do to increase the marks given.So, we…all of us, technically agreed that the marks will be given starting from this week’s reflection up to reflection week 16…and only the best 5 reflections’s mark from previous week are taken. Fuhhh, i’m so glad..i promise to do better onward. Just before the class end, i accidentally found an example of interesting poster from movie “The Last Song” and i personally think that the poster is suitable for ours.So, i uploaded it to our facebook group so that all of us can view the poster and gave opinions on it.


     So, there it is…i plan to use this poster as my reference to make our own poster because it’s simple, nice and interesting to watch. I think this kind of poster is suitable for us as we also make a video on ‘Ikhtilat’ the islamic perspective regarding on love, ‘Love in Barakah’.

week 11 Reflection


More editing….behind the scenes work…pictures, videos, even poster…woww, video and pictures still ok but poster…new experience i bet..hehehe..but i will enjoy making it i suppose.

Brother Hilmi help us making poster using adobe photoshop…still the same process as editing pictures, but more on choosing background, how to add more than one pictures in the file…making it beautiful and attractive..something like that

I have to admit that…editing is not my passion…still slow at making the right one that i really need for our video…making a lot of mistakes…little bit slow at catching what i’d been told so..but we receive helps from Brother Fuad and Kak Ana.They always ask us whether we’re okay and can catch up or not and make sure that we can make it all the way together with other friends


This is me with my output poster..hmm, nice though


Nice view right?…hehehe…i’m proud of what i made…even it’s not as nice as what everyone are making…but it’s still my effort of making it on my own..and i’m sure that one day..i will produce more beautiful and attractive posters.Hopefully, i will use this knowledge to edit and produce a poster of our group video production…hmm, we will see :p